OGP Nigeria serves as a role Model to other countries – OGP Nat. Coordinator.


OGP Nigeria serves as a role Model to other countries – OGP Nat. Coordinator.

The National Coordinator, Nigeria Open Government Partnership, (OGP), Dr. Gloria Ahmed has extolled the role of the Africa Centre for Leadership Strategy and Development (Centre LSD) as a driving force in the entrenchment of OGP in Nigeria. She made this known when she led a courtesy visit with members of the OGP Secretariat to Centre LSD.

In her opening remarks, Dr. Gloria appreciated Centre LSD and its management led by the Executive Director Mr. Monday Osasah for their sustained support towards OGP implementation in Nigeria since inception. She stated that more than 20 states in Nigeria have signed up to the OGP thus far. However, she lamented that not much have been documented and reported in terms of results from the sub-nationals. The National Coordinator stated that the National Secretariat is planning to hold a National Review Conference to determine the status of OGP implementation in Nigeria.

The NC further revealed the Secretariat's plan to pay a courtesy visit to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation where he would be briefed on the OGP in order to galvanise the needed policy support for OGP implementation in Nigeria.

She appealed that Centre LSD as the Civil Society Co-Chair on the Extractive Transparency thematic Working Group and having served twice on the National Steering Committee should bring their wealth of experience in the implementation of NAP III.

In his response, Mr. Monday Osasah, charged the OGP team to create more visibility for OGP because a lot of Nigerians are unaware of OGP. He also revealed that people need to be sensitized about the principles of the OGP which is anchored on accountability, transparency, openness and civic engagement He encouraged the National Secretariat to intensify on her advocacy visits to include Governors and other critical stakeholders of the OGP.

While speaking on the planned OGP National Review Conference, he advised that it should serve as a peer review and learning event where OGP stakeholders will share learning and best practices. He added that Sub-National governments that are global OGP members like Kaduna, Plateau and the FCT should be projected to share their success stories, innovations, challenges and mitigation measures for shared learning during the conference. He lauded the idea and obliged the availability of Centre LSD in supporting the Conference.

The OGP Civi Society Adviser, Mr. Uchenna Arisukwu, while speaking, said the Centre LSD occupies a place of pride in OGP Nigeria, he intimated members that in the early years of OGP implementation in Nigeria, funding solely came from Civil Societies/Partners such as Centre LSD before the federal Government created a budget line for it in 2021.

He further informed that among the 75 countries Signed up to the OGP, Nigeria acts as a role model to some countries as Nigeria's Sub-National OGP is among the few that is very effective.

Mr. Uchenna revealed that other countries have come to learn the Open Alliance strategy in Nigeria to go replicate in their countries with regards to Civil Society involvement. He said intentional efforts are being put in place to effectively implement the third National Action Plan (NAP III) with a hindsight of the lapses experienced under NAP I and II. He added that Nigeria cannot afford to fail in delivering on its commitments under NAP III.

He called on the Executive Director to channel his wealth of experience towards enriching the activities of the extractive transparency thematic working group with a view to co-creatively deliver on the OGP commitments towards a reform oriented Nigeria.

 Having identified Centre LSD as a worthy partner from inception, the team extolled the technical resource of the center and called on it to extend its support to states especially those that are lagging behind in the development and implementation of their State Action Plans.

Dr. Emenike Umesi who is the Director, Leadership of the Centre appreciated the OGP team for their consistency over time, he promised that the Centre is open to lend their technical support. He concluded by encouraging states to take advantage of the leadership training programmes run by Centre LSD to provide the needed technical capacity for facilitating reforms.

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